We gladly provide commercial kitchen services to restaurants, hospitals, grocery stores, corporate environments, school districts, conference centers, stadiums, arenas, colleges, universities and even food trucks.


Deep Fryer Cleaning

As a Chef, Kitchen Manager or Restaurant Owner you know that one of the most difficult items to keep clean is the deep fryer. Over time the cooking oil can build up a thick gummy residue on the front, back plate and basket hanger. Additionally, oil can cause carbon to burn onto the heating elements turning them black, thereby reducing their heating effectiveness.

At Georgia Fryer we will clean your deep fryer utilizing our eco-friendly degreaser and our cleaning methodology to restore your fryer back to the time when it was practically new.

Cooking Oil Filtration

Your kitchen staff know that filtering the oil and cleaning the deep fryer can be one of the least attractive and dangerous jobs to do in the kitchen. Because of this it is often not done effectively, creating a headache for you.

At Georgia Fryer we utilize our uniquely designed micro-filtration machine and filters. Our cooking oil filtration service is employed to save you money on your cooking oil usage, increase the life of your cooking oil, improve the quality of your fried foods, contribute to the safety of your kitchen staff, limit the hours spent cleaning deep fryers and lessen the liability to your business.

Waste Oil Collection

Georgia Fryer provides waste oil reclamation services. We can provide waste oil collection containers to house or store waste oil for pick up at scheduled times. All reclaimed waste cooking oil is then used in the production of bio-diesel or in the production of animal feed, thereby limiting waste entering the environment.

Many of our customers do not like the mess of waste oil containers and have employed our Cooking Oil Filtration Service. By utilizing this service once the waste oil has reached its end of life, we remove cooking oil from the premises at the time of service. No containers needed.


Humidity Control Filters

Our humidity control filters are made with a 100% natural mineral that conditions coolers to create optimum food storage conditions which will extend the life of perishables by reducing moisture, mildew, mold, odor, latent heat and Ethylene gas from your walk-in and reach-in coolers.

Our filters control the moisture levels of your walk-in and reach-in coolers, reducing the loss of your perishable items, allowing your unit to function optimally and in turn saving you on your energy usage.

Cooler Replacement Gaskets

Georgia Fryer provides replacement refrigeration gaskets for all types of commercial cold storage environments. Because we purchase directly from the manufacturer, the cost to our clients on average is 10-25% less than the list price. Not having your cooler gaskets properly maintained can cause a negative rating from a Health Department inspection.


GA Fryer Truck

Partnered Services Program

Georgia Fryer recognizes that it does not provide all of the services needed for the commercial kitchen environment. Yet we have seen a great benefit to partnering with providers of services that will offer our clients one-stop-shopping for most of their needs. Our partners are fully vetted, ensuring compliance with their specialized service. Such partnered services include: Grease Trap Services, Plumbing Services and Hood Cleaning Services, etc.


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